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My name is Fiona and I am a qualified Canine Trainer & Behaviourist working in North Wales,  I qualified from the British College of Canine Studies with an outstanding distinction in Advanced Level 4 Canine Behaviour,  all BCCS courses are accredited and approved by Pet Education, Training and Behaviour Council.  I hold a certificate in Dog Law as supplied by Dog Law Ltd., a Member of the International Society of Animal Professionals and I am also  Canine First Aid Certificate holder. Working with Children for 15 years I hold an enhanced DBS Certificate.

My qualification can be validified by following this link:  I strongly advice everyone to check a Trainer/Behaviourists credentials before booking as the industry is unregulated and many advertise as Trainers and/or Behaviourists without any qualification. I offer a free 30 minute consult to introduce myself and ensure you are comfortable with  me. I am fully insured.

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 A Little About Me 

 I have had dogs in my life for over 18 years, my first dog 'Penny' a black Labrador in many ways was my saviour, she 'gave me her paw, when I needed a hand' & so she is the inspiration behind 'Paws for Thought & I Will Give You a Hand'

Over the years there has been several Springer Spaniels and  a little Jack Russel who was desperately in need of rehoming; I have always expected a high level of obedience from our dogs, irrespective of which canine sports we undertook or indeed wherever we took them. Isla, is my young 2 year old Labrador and together we are learning the art of agility, something I have not embarked upon before, she is full of energy & enthusiasm, with a high instinctual drive, guided with respect and her biddable nature to please.

The psychology of dogs has always fascinated me and so my journey to become a Behaviourist began.

I am personally only too well aware of bad training techniques and quick fixes, and so it is with passion I am trying to redress the balance. 

I train with positive reinforcement, fair and balanced training techniques, tailored to each  individual Client and their dog(s), 'one size....does not fit all!'  I endeavour to work alongside my Clients to improve their communication and relationship with their companion, bearing in mind at all times the Clients ultimate goal(s).  I can provide as much or as little support as each Client wishes, telephone and/or email communication is  unlimited, I want the best for you and your dog(s). With this in mind I am currently working towards a degree which allows me  to be a student member of the TCBTS

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'My Inspiration'


Puppy Training


1-1 puppy training to help guide you to reaching your perfect fun loving companion, creating family stability and a well-balanced relationship, with the view to eliminating many possible behavioural issues in later life. We all need a little guidance at times.


Advanced Obedience & UK Sniffer Dog Scent Courses.

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Behavioural Guidance


1-1 assessment within your own home at your convenience, with immediate guidance and a follow up bespoke modification plan, supported with as little or as much follow on care, as the Client/case requires.

Such as: -

Lead Pulling


Phobias & Anxiety



General Obedience

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Dog Walking


By request I offer a limited number of dog walking places In todays busy lifestyles it is not always possible to give your companion the exercise you would wish.  I provide  safe, fun and structured walks around your daily routine and wishes.  I would love to keep you regularly updated and so will send you photographs and videos of your dogs daily walks with me.

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Based in Mold, Flintshire, North Wales



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Please feel free to call me for further information or any clarification.

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  Fiona Williams BCCSDip.AdvCanBhv, A.Dip CBM  MISAP

                   Canine Trainer & Behaviourist

       'Paws for Thought & I Will Give You a Hand'

   07821 693457

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